Core Values

We Bring These Core Values to Every Project


  • At Lanzo; we are committed to the safety of our customers, our collegues, and the communities we serve.
  • We are all entitled to go to a workplace where we can return safely to our families at the end of the day.
  • No Job is that important, no reward great enough to risk ourselves or each other.
  • Safety is attitude, awareness, and commitment to best practices.

Get it Done Right: Whatever it Takes

  • As a recognized Major Leader in OUR Industry for over Fifty (50) Years we have earned our reputation for delivering difficult, challenging, and quality projects.
  • The history of our company includes many cases where an individual or group of individuals labored tirelessly in adverse conditions to see a job through to a successful completion; whether we delivered a Treatment Plant, a Tough to build Water main or Large Diameter Sewer rehabilitation, the result was Done Right, whatever it takes.

Teamwork, Smart Work, Hard Work

  • At Lanzo; Teamwork, Smart Work and Hard Work define who we are. It is what we offer our customers in exchange for their Trust, Loyalty, and Good Faith.
  • Hard work, commitment to completion, and reliance on each other as members of the Lanzo Team drives our Success. A Team of five people is capable of far more than five individuals working independently.

Respectful, Courteous and Professional

  • We treat others the way we would want to be treated. It is about better listening, giving the benefit of the doubt and resisting the urge to be argumentative.
  • We believe that a smile is contagious, respect gets paid back "in kind" and Professionals are who we all must strive to be. This is not only for our own wellbeing but to serve the Greater Good of the Company. This creates a workplace which is "Fun" to be at, a Job worth driving to, more rewarding than just the value of our paycheck, a place where we can "make a difference".
  • Learn about our solutions to some of the toughest, complex sustainability challenges across the globe including helping our customers deliver cleaner energy; supporting meaningful economic transitions when our projects are complete; helping address water security; and creating smarter, greener infrastructure to meet the demands of increased urbanization.

Open, Honest and Accountable

  • We must be open and honest with each other. We strive to communicate our strengths and weaknesses so that the Team may be given every opportunity to prevail.
  • We take ownership of our responsibilities... No Hidden Agendas. We honor our commitments individually and as a Company.

Innovate, Be Creative, Think “Outside the Box”

  • The proven Lanzo way is to "Get it Done Right" through a combination of creativity and innovation.
  • As we perpetuate our company, it will take this legacy of creativity and innovation to adapt to ongoing changes within the industries, communities, and markets in which we serve.